Bakery market in Taiwan

The bakery market in Taiwan is a relatively matured one, with a compound annual growth rate of 1.5 percent over the period of 2006 to 2011. While the expansion rate is slow, the bakery market in Taiwan is restructuring itself from expanding in size to increasing the quality and safety of foods. Consumers are also […]

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Consumer electronics market in Taiwan

Consumer electronics market in Taiwan was once largely relied on the intensive labor to produce products such as keyboards and computer mouse. As its economy developed and labor became more expensive, the market shifted successfully from the labor-intensive mode to a high-tech hardware manufacturing producer, and became the world leader in producing computer monitors, motherboards, […]

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Consumer market in Taiwan

Consumer market in Taiwan has one of the highest consumer market potential in the world. According to a market analysis, which tracked trademark activities across 186 countries, Taiwan ascended to the top 10 list of global trademark registers, overall trademark class activities and total published trademark volume. It shows the confidence those multinational corporations has […]

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Dairy market in Taiwan

The dairy market in Taiwan has been made up of between 136 and 141 companies with a total of around 7,000 employees in recent years. According to the Department of Statistics, Ministry of Economic Affairs, the output value of Taiwan’s dairy market in 2011 was NT$26.957 billion, an 1.142 percent increase on the previous year. […]

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Elderly care in Taiwan

Elderly care in Taiwan is an imminent issue needed to be tackled. The efforts contributed to solve this problem have been great and in government’s close attention. In 2011, the 10.3 percent of population who were 65 years or over consumed 34.4 percent of total medical treatment cost. If the trends continue, by the time […]

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