Enter Taiwan market: a market research

Necessary to obtain a specific agreement from the ministry concerned for the following products: beverages, pharmaceutical or veterinary products, weapons and ammunition, as well as many cosmetics, rare metals, radioactive products or which may harm the environment, as well as Oil and all its derivatives. The Ministry of Health controls all products that can affect the human body, including pharmaceuticals, vitamins, cosmetics and medical devices. These products can only be imported and sold in Taiwan if the foreign company has set up a local manufacturing unit or a local office in Taiwan, or if the foreign company has appointed a Taiwanese distributor who has obtained authorization from the Taiwanese authorities. Import and distribute medical products. Getting to work with market research company in Taiwan might help to ensure the correctness of your process.

The issue of selling and marketing strategies to reach Taiwanese consumers is a recurring problem of new entrants to the market. Market research companies in Taiwan intervenes on all the stages of your establishment in Taiwan in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, through market research, distribution, operational set-up or Monitoring of registration processes.

Importing several types of meat is prohibited.


Market research to enter Taiwan market

With the liberalization of trade, undertaken since 1990, many agents and distributors have incorporated and started importing to sell on their own account. Today, most major retail chains have their own import agencies.

In recent years, hypermarkets and hypermarkets have become increasingly important in the distribution sector according to market research companies in Taiwan. Taiwanese supermarkets account for 80% of sales of basic necessities. In 2013, the domestic retail market was valued at around USD 230 billion.

E-commerce is progressing and opens new opportunities in the field of business. In 2014, direct sales weighed nearly USD 14.4 billion, according to the Taiwanese Electronic Chamber of Commerce. It has grown by + 24% compared to 2013. 51.5 million Taiwanese consumers have already made an online purchase in 2014. In addition, more and more people have smartphones (which are less and less Expensive), which facilitates direct sales. Thus, m-Commerce (mobile commerce) is on the rise, reaching almost 10% of total transactions in 2014. Most users of online sales live in the main urban areas of Taiwan, 34.2% Among them living in the state of Taiwan according to market reports.



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