Elderly care in Taiwan

Elderly care in Taiwan is an imminent issue needed to be tackled. The efforts contributed to solve this problem have been great and in government’s close attention. In 2011, the 10.3 percent of population who were 65 years or over consumed 34.4 percent of total medical treatment cost. If the trends continue, by the time […]

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Entertainment market in Taiwan

The entertainment market in Taiwan produced many giant stars, such as Jay Chou, who revolutionized the Mandopop, and Jacky Wu, whose hosting style has been learned by many followers and influenced the development of talk shows and many other entertainment television programs. Many stars from the entertainment market in Taiwan also have a widespread popularity […]

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Fashion industry in Taiwan

The fashion industry in Taiwan has come to the spotlight of the global fashion stage in recent years. It completed the transition from a mass textile manufacturing hub which is at the lower end of the global chain to the higher end where ideas, styles and innovation are the focuses. What’s more, after decades of […]

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Selling online in Taiwan

Selling online in Taiwan is increasingly enhance its presence in the retailing industry and becoming more and more important as a way for enterprises to conduct business. Yahoo Taiwan projected that Taiwan’s online retail space will eventually outperform traditional retail stores, accounting for more than 50 percent of the estimated $126 billion retail sector. According […]

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Sports market in Taiwan

Sports market in Taiwan has been one of the most dynamic and successful sectors in its economy. After decades of economic miracle starting in the 1960s, the rapid development ensured the life of most Taiwanese to be stable and prosperous. So people in Taiwan are no longer as monetary-driven as before. They turn to focus […]

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